How I Stumbled Into The World of Stock Market……

-Dhruv Srivastava

Before the lockdown that was caused due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the field of stock market was a mystery to me. I had heard about the term ‘stock market’ only from movies like ‘The Wolf of the Wall Street’ or whenever the name Warren Buffet arose during lunch breaks. I didn’t understand what it was about or its relevance and honestly, I wasn’t that interested in knowing about it too. Well, if there is something that these past 8 to 9 months have showed me, then it would be of how ignorant I have been after barely scratching the surface of this fascinating part of the world of commerce.

After my class 10th board exams, I was quite uncertain about what the next few months will be like because of the worldwide lockdown and the holiday break between 10th and 11th standard. Knowing that I couldn’t go outside to play any kind of sports or visit the places my family had been planning on visiting, I tried finding something that would keep me occupied. I prepared for the SAT exams, watched various documentaries and movies on Netflix and Amazon Prime, read various autobiographies and novels on the internet but none of them seemed like a viable alternative for long term. Then one day, after having my dinner, I was going to watch another movie when I noticed my father and mother debating about something. Sensing that it wasn’t the right time to watch a movie, I started walking back to my room, when suddenly I heard my father calling me and I thought to myself what have I got myself into now. He asked whether I was planning on doing something and I shook my head and then he asked me the question that would completely change my life in these past 8 months, which was ‘’ If I would help him decide which stocks to invest in ?’’ At the time I thought that it might be something very boring but knowing that I had nothing else to do, I hesitatingly said yes, just so that I could help them and pass my time. What an amazing yet fortuitous decision that was.

I could have never imagined how something like the stock market could compel me in such a manner that now I am seriously considering it as a career option. This goes on to show that how sometime things that can change our lives our just around the corner, it’s just a matter of stopping and giving them a chance. The year 2020 has been a sad and negative one for the whole world, but I will always remember it for the rest of my life, not just because of the whole COVID 19 pandemic situation, but because how it introduced me something that would not only help me utilise my time constructively but also at the same time making us a lot of money, when the whole world was collapsing around us



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